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Bononia Estate
27B, 'Sredna gora'
1303 Sofia
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Willkommen bei Bononia Estate

Bononia Estate is a family-owned winery with 150 hectares vineyards, situated along the shore of Danube River, North West Bulgaria. Our region has one of the oldest wine traditions in our country and it is no coincidence that the first national wine school has opened doors here many years ago. The area is known as the “Golden Horn”, associated with the fertility of the soil and our vineyards are planted right there, in the middle of which passes the "Meridian 23".

We produce mainly white wine, as the terroir is appropriate for it, but we offer light and delicate red wines as well. An interesting and indigenous grape variety of our region is the Gamza – suitable for drinking no matter of the season, chilled at temperature of 14 C. Our team is proud with the international wine awards and accepts it as a recognition for quality, added value and potential of Bononia Estate wines.

The story behind our cellar is like a journey through the centuries, as it inherits and unites the traditions of 3 centuries. On the site of the winery, we restored and preserved an original building from 1895, which was one of the first breweries in Bulgaria, and later became a winery.

In Spring 2022, the unique building will be open to the public, along with the preserved underground corridors. In addition to the cellar will be opened a boutique hotel with 21 rooms, a modern restaurant with gardens, SPA area, "infinity" pool, various tasting rooms, cigar bar, conference room and all this, situated 15 meters from the Danube. We believe that with this endeavor our winery will contribute to wine tourism both in the region and in the country and I wish to welcome you at the resort one day!

We warmly welcome you to our website at AVINO!

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